FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule

fifa women’s world cup

Australia and New Zealand will host the fifa women’s world cup 2023 between July 20 and August 20. The tournament’s ninth iteration will follow a structure akin to the men’s World Cup.

The United States of America (USA) has won four titles in this competition, making them the most successful team. They won the title back-to-back times in 2015 and 2019 and will attempt to win a hat-trick of World Cups this time around.

fifa women’s world cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will feature how many teams?

32 teams will compete in the fifa women’s world cup in 2023. This is eight more than the previous tournament iteration.

Which groups of the fifa women’s world cup are competing?

Group A: Philippines, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland
Group B: Canada, Australia, Ireland and Nigeria
Group C: Zambia, Costa Rica, Japan and Spain,
Group D: China, England, Haiti and Denmark
Group E: USA, Vietnam, Netherlands and Portugal
Group F: Brazil, Panama, France and Jamaica
Group G: South Africa, Sweden, Italy and Argentina
Group H: South Korea, Germany, Morocco and Colombia

The entire schedule for the tournament fifa women’s world cup 2023:

Match No. Date Time Teams Venue
1 20-July 12:30 PM New Zealand vs Norway Eden Park
2 20-July 3:30 PM Australia vs Ireland Allianz Stadium
3 21-July 8:00 AM Nigeria vs Canada AAMI Park
4 21-July 10:30 AM Philippines vs Switzerland Forsyth Barr Stadium
5 21-July 1:00 PM Spain vs Costa Rica Sky Stadium
6 22-July 6:30 AM USA vs Vietnam Eden Park
7 22-July 12:30 PM Zambia vs Japan Waikato Stadium
8 22-July 3:00 PM England vs Haiti Suncorp Stadium
9 22-July 5:30 PM Denmark vs China HBF Park
10 23-July 10:30 AM Sweden vs South Africa Sky Stadium
11 23-July 1:00 PM Netherlands vs Portugal Forsyth Barr Stadium
12 23-July 3:30 PM France vs Jamaica Eden Park
13 24-July 11:30 AM Italy vs Argentina Eden Park
14 24-July 2:00 PM Germany vs Morocco AAMI Park
15 24-July 4:30 PM Brazil vs Panama Coopers Stadium
16 25-July 7:30 AM Colombia vs South Korea Allianz Stadium
17 25-July 11:00 AM New Zealand vs Philippines Sky Stadium
18 25-July 1:30 PM Switzerland vs Norway Waikato Stadium
19 26-July 10:30 AM Japan vs Costa Rica Forsyth Barr Stadium
20 26-July 1:00 PM Spain vs Zambia Eden Park
21 26-July 5:30 PM Canada vs Ireland HBF Park
22 27-July 6:30 AM USA vs Netherlands Sky Stadium
23 27-July 1:00 PM Portugal vs Vietnam Waikato Stadium
24 27-July 3:30 PM Australia vs Nigeria Suncorp Stadium
25 28-July 5:30 AM Argentina vs South Africa Forsyth Barr Stadium
26 28-July 2:00 PM England vs Denmark Allianz Stadium
27 28-July 4:30 PM China vs Haiti Coopers Stadium
28 29-July 1:00 PM Sweden vs Italy Sky Stadium
29 29-July 3:30 PM France vs Brazil Suncorp Stadium
30 29-July 6:00 PM Panama vs Jamaica HBF Park
31 30-July 10:00 AM South Korea vs Morocco Coopers Stadium
32 30-July 12:30 PM Norway vs Philippines Eden Park
33 30-July 12:30 PM Switzerland vs New Zealand Forsyth Barr Stadium
34 30-July 3:00 PM Germany vs Colombia Allianz Stadium
35 31-July 12:30 PM Costa Rica vs Zambia Waikato Stadium
36 31-July 12:30 PM Japan vs Spain Sky Stadium
37 31-July 3:30 PM Canada vs Australia AAMI Park
38 31-July 3:30 PM Ireland vs Nigeria Suncorp Stadium
39 1-Aug 12:30 PM Vietnam vs Netherlands Forsyth Barr Stadium
40 1-Aug 12:30 PM Portugal vs USA Eden Park
41 1-Aug 4:30 PM China vs England Coopers Stadium
42 1-Aug 4:30 PM Haiti vs Denmark HBF Park
43 2-Aug 12:30 PM Argentina vs Sweden Waikato Stadium
44 2-Aug 12:30 PM South Africa vs Italy Sky Stadium
45 2-Aug 3:30 PM Jamaica vs Brazil AAMI Park
46 2-Aug 3:30 PM Panama vs France Allianz Stadium
47 3-Aug 3:30 PM Morocco vs Colombia HBF Park
48 3-Aug 3:30 PM South Korea vs Germany Suncorp Stadium
Round of 16
49 5-Aug 10:30 AM Winner of Group A vs Runner-up of Group C Eden Park
50 5-Aug 1:30 PM Winner of Group C vs Runner-up of Group A Sky Stadium
51 6-Aug 7:30 AM Winner of Group E vs Runner-up of Group G Allianz Stadium
52 6-Aug 2:30 PM Winner of Group G vs Runner-up of Group E AAMI Park
53 7-Aug 1:00 PM Winner of Group D vs Runner-up of Group B Suncorp Stadium
54 7-Aug 4:00 PM Winner of Group B vs Runner-up of Group D Stadium Australia
55 8-Aug 1:30 PM Winner of Group H vs Runner-up of Group F AAMI Park
56 8-Aug 4:30 PM Winner of Group F vs Runner-up of Group H Coopers Stadium
57 11-Aug 6:30 AM Winner of Match 49 vs Winner of Match 51 Sky Stadium
58 11-Aug 1:00 PM Winner of Match 50 vs Winner of Match 52 Eden Park
59 12-Aug 12:30 PM Winner of Match 54 vs Winner of Match 56 Suncorp Stadium
60 12-Aug 4:00 PM Winner of Match 53 vs Winner of Match 55 Stadium Australia
61 15-Aug 1:30 PM Winner of Match 57 vs Winner of Match 58 Eden Park
62 16-Aug 3:30 PM Winner of Match 59 vs Winner of Match 60 Stadium Australia
Third-place match
63 19-Aug 1:30 PM Loser of Match 61 vs Loser of Match 62 Suncorp Stadium
64 20-Aug 3:30 PM Winner of Match 61 vs Winner of Match 62 Stadium Australia


How do I get tickets to the 2023 fifa women’s world cup?

    To buy tickets for the event, suckers must have a FIFA marking account which requires specific information to complete. From there, tickets can be bought grounded on where suckers are buying from with different sections for residers of the two host countries and those from overseas. host countries and those from overseas.

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